Hicksville Asamai Hindu Temple

Radha Krishna
Shiva Parvati
Hanuman Mandir
Shree Ram Temple

Located on East Barclay St in Hicksville, Asamai Hindu Temple provides religious and spiritual guidance to Afghan Hindus in Long Island.

Asamai Hindu Temple is easily accessible from Hicksville LIRR station and is located near the Indian strip on RT-107 in Hicksville.

Afghan Hindu Temple Hicksville
Asamai Hindu Temple
80 E. Barclay St
Hicksville, NY 11801
Ph: 516-433-4388

Temple Deities

Deities at Asamai Hindu Temple include Durga, Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh, Radha Krishna, Hanuman and Nagaraja.

Besides regular puja and aarti, Asamai Hindu temple offers priest services for weddings, sehra bandi, car puja, Kanya dan, satyanarayan katha puja, shok shabha, mata ki chowki.

Facilities at Asamai Hindu temple include kitchen and a banquet size hall, which is available for weddings and other functions on rental basis.

There is a branch of Asamai Hindu Temple on Bowne St right across the Flushing Ganesh Temple in Queens.

Asamai Hindu Temple Timings

Monday-Friday: 8AM-12PM and 4PM-9PM
Saturday & Sunday: 8AM-8PM