How Long Is The Ferry From Wellington To South Island? (Correct answer)

The Interislander service is available up to three times per day with a sailing period of approximately three hours and ten minutes, whereas the Bluebridge service is available up to four times per day with a sailing duration of approximately three hours and thirty minutes. The Wellington Picton route between the North and South Islands has a total of 49 sailings available each week, which is a combined total of 49 sailings every week.

How long is the ferry crossing from Wellington to Picton?

The journey from Wellington to Picton on the Interislander boat takes around 312 hours.

How long is the ferry between the North and South Islands of New Zealand?

It is the ferry route between Wellington, in the North Island, and Picton, in the South Island, that is most well-known and attractive in New Zealand. The travel between the two islands is referred to as ‘crossing the Cook Strait’ in the local language. The sailing duration is around 3.5 hours (weather dependent).

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How long is the ferry from Wellington to Christchurch?

The Interislander Ferries go 92 kilometers in slightly over three hours, covering a distance of 92 kilometers. The Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferry Company offers an alternative route across the Cook Strait.

How long does it take to cross Cook Strait on the ferry?

Three to three and a half hours is required for the Cook Strait ferry voyage. The length of time required is owing to the nature of sailing over the sea, which is similar to jogging on a slow-moving treadmill in comparison.

Can I use my gold card on the ferry?

Gold AT HOP cardholders are required to “tag on” and “tag off” our ferries at each terminal by presenting their Gold AT HOP card. Tag machines may be found near the boarding ramps on the tarmac.

How long is the ferry ride from Wellington to Nelson?

The fastest and most cost-effective method to get from Wellington to Nelson without a car is by boat and bus, which takes 6 hours 30 minutes and costs $80 – $130.

Which is better bluebridge or interislander?

As a result, in conclusion. Benefits of using Bluebridge include lower ticket prices, free movie screenings, bigger cabins, overnight sailings from Wellington to Picton, and a central Wellington terminal. Benefits of interislander travel include more room, lower prices and a greater variety of food and drink options, calmer sailing on rough days (on larger ships), and alfresco dining.

How much is the ferry from North to South Island?

In general, though, fares look something like this: $51 – $73 for one adult without a vehicle. $26 – $33 for 1 x kid (under 14 years old). Infants under the age of one are admitted free of charge.

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Why is there no bridge between New Zealand islands?

Island of the South Because New Zealand is sparsely populated, building a bridge would be prohibitively expensive. A large portion of the commerce involves primary products being transported between the North and South Islands, and this is well served by the ferry, trucks, and ferry and sea routes that run all along the coast.

Which is better New Zealand North or South Island?

The South Island of New Zealand is bigger than the North Island and is typically regarded as being more attractive. It also boasts a beautiful coastline, but it is most renowned for the mountains and fjords that characterize the country’s inland landscape. Temperatures are colder in the South Island, with mountain areas being the coldest of the three main climate zones.

Can you drive from north to south NZ?

Is it possible to travel from the north to the south of New Zealand? Do you want to take a road trip between islands? Unfortunately, due to the large distance between the islands, there is no bridge or tunnel that connects them. You may, however, use the Interislander Ferry or the Bluebridge Cook Strait auto ferry, which both depart from Auckland.

Can you stay in the car on a ferry?

New Zealand’s road network allows for driving from north to south. A car journey between islands could be in order. Unfortunately, due to the distance between the islands, there is no bridge or tunnel that connects them. The Interislander Ferry or the Bluebridge Cook Strait auto ferry, on the other hand, are available for you to use to go to your destination.

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How many cars can go on a ferry?

The ferry business is comprised of a number of boats, each of which has a capacity of around 70 automobiles. It is not permitted for vehicles to weigh more than 80,000 pounds, to be longer than 65 feet in length, to be higher than 13.5 feet in height, or to be wider than 8.5 feet in width.

Is there a train from Wellington to Christchurch?

The answer is that there is no direct rail between Wellington and Christchurch. Wellington and Christchurch are separated by a distance of 305 kilometers.

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