How Much Labor A Hour In Long Island Ny? (Correct answer)

In Long Island, New York, the average hourly wage for a laborer is $19.28, with an additional $5,000 in overtime pay each year. There have been 14 salaries recorded as of December 27, 2021.

How much does the average person on Long Island make?

Following the release of a poll by the state’s Department of Labor, it was discovered that the average wage on Long Island in 2017 was $57,650. According to the results of the poll, wages range from a low of $20,860 for manicurists and certain textile workers to an average high of $297,980 for surgeons.

How much do custodians make on Long Island?

In Long Island, New York, the average hourly wage for a custodian is $16.24 per hour. There have been 2 salaries recorded as of August 20, 2021.

What is the hourly wage?

Every year, an independent calculation is performed to ensure that the cost of living is in line with reality. The London Living Wage is presently £11.05 per hour, which is the highest in the country. This includes all of the boroughs in the Greater London area.

What is a good income on Long Island?

According to the organization, a family of two adults and two children living in the Nassau/Suffolk metro region would need to earn a combined $139,545 per year — or $11,629 per month — in order to be comfortably off the land.

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What is a good salary on Long Island?

In the absence of knowing your costs and amount of debt, as well as where on Long Island you already reside or want to reside, I believe $85,000 a year is plenty to live relatively well. It’s not much, but for many individuals, it’s more than enough to get by on.

What is middle class income on Long Island?

According to New York state income guidelines, a two-person family would be deemed middle class if the household’s income falls between $46,597 and $139,098. The income of a three-person middle-class family would range from $55,155 to $164,644, while the income of a four-person middle-class family would range from $67,252.59 to $200,754.

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