Long Island Medium Why Did She Get Divorced? (TOP 5 Tips)

When did they finally call it quits? After 30 years of marriage, the couple decided to separate in 2018. After Larry stated that they were no longer spending time together, the former couple – who remained friends after their divorce – decided to stop their relationship. Long Island Medium included an episode where he rants to his buddies about what he thinks is what went wrong.

What happened to Long Island Medium’s daughter?

Victoria Caputo, the daughter of Long Island Medium’s Theresa Caputo, is now a legally married lady, having tied the knot with her long-term lover Michael Mastrandrea in September. The pair, who had been together for a long time, tied the knot in front of their close relatives and friends and videotaped the wedding on social media.

Did Larry Caputo remarry?

In spite of the difficulties of his 28-year marriage, Larry was able to move on and find love with someone else. Earlier this year, Larry relocated to Santa Monica, California, to begin working on the production of a wine named Lorenzo Caputo.

Is Larry Caputo still dating Connie?

They have two children, Victoria and Larry Jr., who are the couple’s only offspring. As of 2018, Larry has revealed that he was back in the dating game. It was on the internet that the two first met, when Connie reached out to Theresa for a reading and received a response from Larry instead. Since then, the two have been communicating over the internet and have been long-distance dating.

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Is the medium Theresa Caputo married?

In terms of pricing, Caputo disclosed in 2014 that readings may cost anything from $50 to $175 each session.

What age is Larry Caputo?

Long-time fans have been looking forward to the nuptials of Theresa’s daughter, Victoria Caputo, who has been engaged to Michael Mastrandrea for more than two years, for quite some time. The big day has finally arrived for the couple, and the ceremony was all they could have hoped for and more.

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