Long Island Medium Why Did They Separate From Her Husband? (Solution found)

Despite the fact that the long-term couple divorced as they began to spend less and less time together, the Long Island Medium has managed to keep herself booked and busy as she begins a new chapter of life without her ex-husband.

Did Larry Caputo remarry?

In spite of the difficulties of his 28-year marriage, Larry was able to move on and find love with someone else. Earlier this year, Larry relocated to Santa Monica, California, to begin working on the production of a wine named Lorenzo Caputo.

Is the medium Theresa Caputo married?

They have two children, Victoria and Larry Jr., who are the couple’s only offspring. As of 2018, Larry has revealed that he was back in the dating game. It was on the internet that the two first met, when Connie reached out to Theresa for a reading and received a response from Larry instead. Since then, the two have been communicating over the internet and have been long-distance dating.

How much is a private reading with Theresa Caputo?

In terms of pricing, Caputo disclosed in 2014 that readings may cost anything from $50 to $175 each session. One hundred percent of the money is donated to charitable organizations such as The Stonybrook Foundation and Meals on Wheels, however it is unknown whether her prices have changed since then or not.

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Who is Victoria Caputo engaged to?

Long-time fans have been looking forward to the nuptials of Theresa’s daughter, Victoria Caputo, who has been engaged to Michael Mastrandrea for more than two years, for quite some time. The big day has finally arrived for the couple, and the ceremony was all they could have hoped for and more.

Does Theresa Caputo still do readings?

According to her website, she is also available for private readings at this time. She will also be releasing a new book, Good Mourning, which will be a tell-all about her divorce from Larry and how to deal with “daily losses,” among other things.

How old is Larry Caputo?

What really happened to the son of the Long Island Medium? It was Larry, Theresa’s son, who had surgery in late September to repair his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury (ACL). A few days ago, Theresa shared a nice photo of herself standing with a pair of crutches next to Larry, both of whom were smiling into the camera. The photo was shared on Instagram.

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