What Exit Off The Long Island Expressway Is Babylon? (Solution)

The Babylon-Northport Expressway (also known as the Babylon-Northport Expressway) is a highway that connects the towns of Babylon and Northport in Nassau County, New York (NY 231) This 2004 photo shows the southbound Babylon-Northport Expressway (NY 231) as it approaches the John Street (Suffolk CR 50) exit in West Islip, New York. (Image courtesy of Steve Anderson.)

What exit is West Babylon on the lie?

On the map, look for Southern State Parkway – Exit 37, West Babylon, New York.

What is Exit 42 on the Long Island Expressway?

Exit 42 of the Long Island Expressway leads to an intersection in Jericho.

What exit is Jericho on lie?

To get to Eastern Long Island, take the LIFE 495. Exit 40 on the westbound lanes (Jericho). Continue to the right.

What exit is Commack on the lie?

By way of the Long Island Expressway (I-495), head east on the LIE (I-495) until you reach Exit 52, which is the Commack Road.

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What is Exit 57 on the Long Island Expressway?

Veterans Highway is accessible through Exit 57. (NY 454).

What is Exit 41 on the Long Island Expressway?

Exit 41 of the Long Island Expressway, which connects to Interstate 495. (LI Expy)

What exit is Route 110 on the Long Island Expressway?

Drive south on the Southern State Parkway until you reach Exit 32N. (Route 110).

What exit is Brentwood on the lie?

On the map, look for LIE Exit 53, Brentwood, New York.

What exit is Amityville?

Traveling via the Southern State Parkway is the most popular option. Amityville is accessible through Exit 32, both north and south.

What exit is Coram on the lie?

Coram-Selden Dental Group is conveniently located and has plenty of parking! Start on I-495 West (Long Island Expressway) and take Exit 63 CR 83 (No. 83) to go to your destination.

What exit is Massapequa on the Long Island Expressway?

Now that the parkway has entered Massapequa State Park, it will proceed to exit 31, which will serve as the southern end of the Bethpage State Parkway.

What exit is rocky point off the lie?

When traveling eastward on the L.I.E, use Exit 66 to reach your destination. North on Sills Road (County Road 21) for a short while until you reach Rocky Point-Yaphank Road.

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