What Nonprofit Tests The Water Quality In Long Island Sound?

Because of the Long Island Sound Water Quality Monitoring program, the Interstate Environmental Commission (IEC) has been measuring water quality in the far western Long Island Sound (the Narrows), its embayments, and the Upper East River since 1991.

Is the water safe in Long Island Sound?

Beaches are assessed on the quality of their water in the report and are assigned a letter grade. Water quality at more than 200 Long Island Sound beaches received a “A” or “B” rating for water quality in the 2020 swimming season, which is good news for beach visitors and swimmers.

Is Long Island Sound polluted?

Ithaca, New York (May 26, 2021) — The Long Island Sound Watershed has been designated as a World Heritage Site. As summer approaches, EPA officials are emphasizing the gains in water quality in Long Island Sound that have resulted from the removal of over 50 million pounds of nitrogen pollution from the Sound on an annual basis.

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Why is Long Island Sound so dirty?

Year after year, the Long Island Sound estuary suffers from low dissolved oxygen conditions due to the pollution of the estuary by nutrient pollution from New York City’s sewage treatment plants and septic systems, as well as atmospheric deposition, fertilizer, and animal waste, as well as pollution from Long Island and Connecticut.

Is Long Island Sound Clean to swim?

79 percent of the more than 200 Long Island Sound beaches mentioned in the research had “A” or “B” grades for water quality in the 2020 swimming season, which is good news for swimmers, according to the report.

Are there great white sharks in Long Island Sound?

Three Great White sharks were observed off the shore of Long Island Sound earlier this month, as they made their way north to cooler waters. The scientists, according to Fox 5 New York, have been following them and have even given them names, which are: Charlotte, Martha, and Monomoy. If you happen to see a shark near the shore, you are strongly advised to keep away.

Do sharks go in Long Island Sound?

Despite the fact that various shark species, such as the blue shark, mako shark, hammerhead shark, and thresher shark, are likely to meander in and out of the Sound on a regular basis, there are only four types of sharks that are commonly encountered in the region. The sand tiger shark, the sandbar shark, the spiny dogfish, and the smooth dogfish are among the species that may be found in the ocean.

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How is the water in Long Island Sound?

Long Island Sound is an estuary, which is a body of water where saltwater from the ocean meets freshwater from rivers draining from the land, like in the case of the Hudson River. Estuaries are among the most productive ecosystems on the planet, producing a variety of products.

What are the major sources of contamination in Long Island Sound?

The Root Cause of the Situation In Long Island Sound, pathogens are derived from untreated or insufficiently treated human sewage, wild and domestic animal feces, and sewage treatment plants. They are drawn into the Sound by point and nonpoint discharges, respectively.

Is Long Island Sound salt or freshwater?

The Long Island Sound is an estuary, which is a coastal body that is semi-enclosed and where fresh and salt water meet.

How deep is the Long Island Sound?

In the chilly waters of the Northeastern United States and Canada, especially Long Island Sound, the American lobster (Homarus americanus) may be found. Its range extends offshore to as far south as Virginia.

What are the problems facing the Long Island Sound?

High levels of nitrogen and other nutrients in the water, which lead to dead zones, algal blooms, and marsh destruction, are the most significant overall concern affecting the health of Long Island Sound’s ecosystem. Progress has been made in lowering nitrogen emissions, particularly from wastewater treatment plants, but more must be done!

What is the current water temperature in Long Island Sound?

The water temperature in Long Island Sound is 48.6 degrees Fahrenheit today. The swimming season in Long Island Sound is from July through September, depending on the weather.

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Is it safe to swim in the Sound?

Despite the fact that it is safe to enter the sound water, adults may find it challenging to swim because the water is shallow (between knee and waist depth) in most places.

Are Long Island beaches clean?

Tanner Park, located in Copiague, Long Island, New York, has a beach house in the distance. Following the release of a national assessment on Tuesday, a small bayfront park in southern Suffolk County was named the state’s swimming pool with the poorest water quality in the state, according to a national report.

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