When Should You Put Down Grun Control And Fertilizer On Long Island? (Perfect answer)

In May and June, an organic coating is made to your grass to protect it from the devastation caused by grub damage. In this therapy, a beneficial insect is put into the soil that will eradicate grubs, and the effects will endure for up to 6 months after the treatment has been completed.

When should I treat my lawn for grubs in NY?

Preventative compounds such as chlorantraniliprole, which are used to suppress grubs that would otherwise damage grass in the fall, should be applied in April or May, rather than in July, because it will take longer for the material to migrate to the location where the grubs would be feeding in July. Carbaryl or trichlorfon are effective grub-killing chemicals that may be used in the spring or fall.

What month should you apply grub control?

The optimal time to apply grub management is between the months of early spring and late summer, when grub worm activity in your grass is at its highest level. Grub preventers should be used between June and July, just before the grubs hatch, whereas grub killers should be applied from spring onwards, as soon as you notice symptoms of grass damage.

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What is the best month to put down GrubEx?

Given that GrubEx is most effective when applied to the larval stage of many insects, the optimal time to apply it is when beetles dig into lawns to lay their eggs, which is often in the spring to early summer. When the eggs hatch, GrubEx destroys the larvae that emerge, preventing them from maturing into adult insects and spreading.

Can I apply fertilizer and grub control at the same time?

You do not have to wait a certain amount of time after applying GrubEx to your lawn before applying a regular fertilizer. However, you must wait at least one week after applying GrubEx before applying a combination weed-and-feed control product, and two weeks is preferable after applying GrubEx.

When should I fertilize my lawn?

Fertilize generously in the autumn and sparingly in the early spring to provide the best possible health. You may use either a slow-release or a quick-release fertilizer, but be sure to administer the treatment before the temperatures rise in the summer, when these grasses would most likely fall dormant if the treatment is not applied in time.

When should I put down fall fertilizer?

Once between August and November, just before winter sets in, and 6 to 8 weeks after the summer feeding, apply autumn lawn fertilizer to your grass.

Should I apply GrubEx before rain?

A very crucial advice is to water the grub control in as soon as possible after application. You may wait for a good rainstorm to pass through your area and then apply the grub control before the rain arrives. It is possible that the chemical in certain grub controls will degrade in hot, dry conditions. Because of this, if you leave the chemical on your lawn and do not water it, it will have no impact.

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Is it too late for GrubEx?

Late spring to early summer is the optimum time to apply GrubEx since it is the most effective. With a late summer application, you may see some reduction in control; nevertheless, lowering your grub population this autumn and next spring would be preferable than doing nothing. It is preferable not to apply to soils that have been flooded.

How often should you apply grub control?

Grub control techniques must be implemented on a yearly basis if they are to be effective. The fact that you skipped a year may seem inconsequential, but if any beetles have placed their eggs in your lawn’s soil during the course of that previous year, you may be looking at a severely damaged lawn by the middle of October.

Will grass come back after grub damage?

If you notice patches of dead grass on your lawn in the autumn or spring, it is most likely the result of grubs eating it. Grasses that have grub counts of six to ten or more per square foot might be damaged and killed. Repairing a grub-damaged lawn in the autumn or early spring is the most effective method of restoring it to its former green splendour. Using a rake, remove any dead grass from the lawn.

Will GrubEx burn grass?

GrubEx in its original form. To apply, just use a Scotts broadcast, drop, handheld, or Wizz spreader to prevent grubs from causing harm to your grass. For four months, a single treatment kills and protects. Grubs and the other insects on this list can do significant damage to lawns by eating on the grass and the roots of the grass.

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Can you put down fertilizer and insecticide at the same time?

At the same time, you’ll be treating your grass for insects and increasing its growth potential. Lawns require attention in most regions in order to remain green and healthy. In order to resolve these concerns, you may apply pesticides and fertilizers together at the same time, which will reduce your workload by half.

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