Where To Live On Long Island? (TOP 5 Tips)

The Most Desirable Neighborhoods on Long Island

  • Massapequa. If you’re the leader of a young family looking to expand, Massapequa and Plainview are great places to look. Don’t be deceived by the name.
  • Commack. The town of Commack is a sports fan’s paradise, to say the least. Other nearby towns include: Huntington, Islip, Islandia, Smithtown, Valley Stream, and more.

Where on Long Island should I live?

The fact that many people consider Greenport to be the finest location to live on Long Island should come as no surprise. This village in Suffolk County appears on a number of finest neighborhoods in Long Island lists, and for good reason: it is a beautiful place to live. It has continuously been regarded as the safest location on the island by several organizations.

What is the best neighborhood to live in Long Island?

What are the most desirable neighborhoods on Long Island?

  1. Jericho. Great Neck Gardens is a small hamlet with a population of around 13,000 people. When you live in this Long Island area, you will be near to New York City. Kensington, Syosset, University Gardens, Stony Brook, Manhasset, Plainview, and other nearby communities
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Is it expensive to live on Long Island?

Expenses of Daily Life To be more specific, Long Island is one of the most expensive areas to live in the United States, surpassing even New York City. It costs around $140,000 to support a family of four in a comfortable manner. Naturally, taxes account for the majority of expenditures, which are followed by housing, transportation and health-care costs.

Where do single people live on Long Island?

If you wish to reside in Nassau County, Long Beach is an excellent place for singles, as Llama8 mentioned. If you’re considering about Suffolk, I’d suggest the Huntington Village or Port Jefferson Village areas as good places to start. If you enjoy bar hopping, all three of these cities have a lively nightlife to offer, and they are all located near water.

What is the safest place to live on Long Island?

Northeastern New York State’s safest community is East Hampton Town, an upscale Long Island neighborhood that received a very high 1.29 rating on the Safety Index in 2013. A low violent crime rate of 0.85 per 1,000 people and a low property crime rate of 11.34 per 1,000 people distinguish East Hampton from the rest of the country.

What is a good salary to live on Long Island?

Living in each of America’s 3,142 counties and 611 metro regions may be estimated using the organization’s family budget calculator, which is available online. According to the organization, a family of two adults and two children living in the Nassau/Suffolk metro region would need to earn a combined $139,545 per year — or $11,629 per month — in order to be comfortably off the land.

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Is Long Island retirement friendly?

Long Island is unquestionably a desired retirement destination, whether it’s because of its proximity to New York City or the variety of economic prospects available. In reality, according to numerous research, the entire cost of living on Long Island, including taxes and other fees, is among the highest in the country.

Is Long Island affordable?

According to my personal financial standards, Long Island is not a cheap location to live. Having said that, Suffolk County is normally less expensive than Nassau County, as may be regions that are, simply, less handy to the city (i.e. not particularly near any public transportation or other amenities).

What towns are on the south shore of Long Island?


  • Babylon, Brookhaven, East Hampton, Huntington, Islip, Riverhead, Shelter Island, Smithtown, and the surrounding areas

Is Westchester cheaper than Long Island?

However, a home in Westchester, where the cost of a home is higher than on Long Island, is less expensive per square foot. This might be due to the fact that Long Island has a higher population density than Westchester, resulting in more homes being available but with less room and being smaller in size than those in Westchester.

How much do you need to live comfortably in Long Island New York?

In comparison, the national median household income is $65,700, while the median household income in New York is $72,100. Recent estimates from the Economic Policy Institute indicate that a family of four living on Long Island would require $11,629 per month ($139,545 per year) in income in order to live comfortably.

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Why are homes on Long Island so expensive?

Home prices on Long Island have skyrocketed as a result of high demand and limited supply. According to OneKey MLS, the typical house selling price on Long Island increased by at least $73,000 over the course of the previous year, owing to high buyer demand and a limited supply of available homes.

Is Mineola a good place to live?

Mineola is located in Nassau County and is considered to be one of the most desirable areas to live in New York. Living in Mineola provides inhabitants with an urban suburban mix vibe, and the majority of residents are homeowners. Mineola is home to a large number of young professionals, and the majority of people are liberal. Mineola’s public schools are highly regarded by the community.

Is Ronkonkoma a good place to live?

In general, Ronkonkoma is a respectable community. Ronkonkoma, like most other towns on Long Island, is burdened by a high cost of living, a lack of employment opportunities, and a weak real estate market. The school district and library are superior than those in nearby towns, and the community appears to be safe.

What are the 5 towns on Long Island?

Lawrence, Cedarhurst, Woodmere, Hewlett, and Inwood are the primary five neighborhoods. However, the region contains several unincorporated localities as well as two minor villages, Hewlett Bay Park and Woodsburgh, which are not included in the final total since they are not included in the final total.

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